Living Fearlessly

I’d been living in California, but as I explained in in my last blog, Living Without Regrets, something had been missing in my life.  I knew that I needed to take the leap and move to a new city. Austin had appealed to me.  I had heard stories of friendly people, a fascinating city, a vast music scene.  In fact, no one I talked to, had a bad word to say. So, on Thursday I squeezed myself in my tiny two-seater convertible, packed with all my worldly possessions, and drove over 1,700 miles from California to Austin.  It took three days and was the longest road trip I had ever taken by myself.  I worried that my car would break down in the middle of nowhere.  My butt fell asleep more times than I could count.  The hostel I was going to stay at no longer existed, and I slept under a tree at a rest stop.  I stopped wherever I wanted.  I explored urban ruins in LA and went swimming at Balmorhea State Park in Texas.  It was a fantastic, crazy and challenging trip.

I realized the other day that it’s been four years since I got divorced.  Four years.  I have traveled all over the world, had amazing adventures, written a book, explored the world of online dating, re-defined myself, started my own business…I’ve become the independent, strong woman that I wanted to be. Yet, the thought of traveling almost 2,000 miles by myself was unnerving.  I had only myself to rely on.  I found that both empowering and terrifying.  It also made me more determined to do it.  I’ve found that when something scares me, it usually means I need to do it.  Pushing past that fear, be it something huge, like traveling to Thailand by myself, or small, like walking up to a guy in a bar and starting a conversation, is the beginning of really living life on your own terms.  Not being a slave to insecurities or doubts.

It is hard.  It requires living life in a very intentional way.  It requires facing yourself and your fears every day.  But the rewards are worth it.  I wake up excited to see what each day holds and what adventures await me. I had the strength to realize that my life in California was not what I wanted and pack up and move to an unknown city that I felt held more potential.  I was able to tackle a huge road trip by myself because I knew I could – even if it seemed daunting.Every day we have a choice on how we go about our lives.  Do we stick to our safe, known, comfortable routine, or do we challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of our comfort zone and LIVE?  Do we look for ways to grow and live out our full potential?  It doesn’t have to be a massive 3 day road trip (you can work up to that), but being willing to push ourselves and be aware of how we are limiting ourselves is necessary. So, take a look around today and see what you can do to challenge yourself.  What is one thing you can do to push past your comfort zone just a little bit?