Life Transition Coaching

You’ve just moved to a new city. Taken a new job. Are in the middle of changing careers. You just broke up with the love of your life. You’ve had an accident that has changed the way to live. You’re pregnant. The children are leaving home. You are retiring.

Whatever it is your life is in Chaos and you need help untangling it. You are in the middle of a life upheaval and you shouldn’t have to handle it alone. I can help you make sense of it all and get your feet back under you.

Contact me for a complementary half hour session to find out more.

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Coaching Package

Let’s get you moving forward again. You just need that extra bit of guidance, support, and accountability to get through this transition.  You’re ready to do some intense work and get back to that place where you are living fully and passionately.

1 month

You Get…

  • Four one hour coaching sessions via phone or in person.
  • Unlimited email support for the duration of your coaching.
  • Personalized coaching plan and homework.

$500.00 for the month



*  All coaching and prices can be adjusted as needed depending on you and your personal needs.  I suggest getting started with the complimentary half hour coaching session and then we can figure out what works best for you.